Planet Scumm is a quarterly science-fiction magazine, published by Spark & Fizz Books. It is produced by Tyler Burdwood, Sean Clancy, Eric Loucks, Samuel Rheaume and Alyssa Alarcón Santo.

The magazine was born out of reverence for the bizarre science fiction magazines of the ’30s, ’50s, and ’60s. We cherish the genre as an open forum for philosophy, anxieties, thought experiments and thoughtless experiments.

Planet Scumm is available as:


Planet Scumm publishes quarterly. As of writing, we print these bad boys in-house on a reclaimed Brother HLL2320D Monochrome Laser Printer, with covers handled courtesy of our friendly local print shop

Each Planet Scumm is lovingly hand-bound under the warm rays of the Tuscan sun. (Or, barring that, at someone’s kitchen table in a haze of literary ambition.) The magazines are then trimmed, sized, and judged for freshness at the inexporable Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, OR.