Folks, you’re busy. We get it. You don’t have time to click twice, let alone three times to get a full year of Planet Scumm blasted directly into your eye jelly. 

That’s right. For $25 (shipping included), you can get all three yearly editions of Planet Scumm, delivered as soon as each is available. Normally $13.50 with shipping, purchasing a subscription saves you––well, you can do the math, right? Three times… ten… carry the ‘S’ with a line through it… uh… fifteen! Fifteen bucks, plus change! That’s how much you’re saving! What a flooring figure for financial frugality! 

Just imagine the look on your face when you come home from the sweat mines, after a long day mining sweat, only to find a shiny new Planet Scumm waiting for you. That’s a gift from Past-You (currently Current-You), your time-displaced buddy who had the vision to purchase a subscription

Where did they learn to be so thoughtful? Why, from you of course, right now, while reading this infopiece! So go, get that subscription, and fulfill your destiny! 

Small print: Failure to purchase a subscription may cause unexpected tears in the space-time continuum. Plus, you’ll still be missing out on those fifteen buckaroos in whatever alternate timeline Future-You lands in.