Planet Scumm Issue #5, "Human Resources" Magazine

Planet Scumm Issue #5, "Human Resources" Magazine


PAST LIFE EDITION MAGAZINE: hand-bound booklets with cardstock covers from Planet Scumm’s former punk rock life.

The most fascinating tragedies, comedies, crimes, capers, home cooking recipes, and fables live for all eternity in the databanks of Scummy’s interstellar propaganda saucer. Whatever his sinister intentions, you too can now visit the data-vaults of Planet Scumm in a format deemed appropriate for the technology level of your planet (give or take 70 years)Scummy’s righteous mess of science-fiction goodness can live in your home or on your compute-box…. FOREVER.


  • “Ain’t We Got Fun” by Paul C.K. Spears

  • The Importance of Good Breeding by Richard Wren

  • The Tower by Jackson Lewis Monk

  • Quarterly Report on Trans-Dimensional Holdings by John Rodzvilla

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