Planet Scumm Issue 4: Slime of the Ancient Mariner

Planet Scumm Issue 4: Slime of the Ancient Mariner


Included in price: one print magazine, a download of audiobook, and PDF edition.

It’s said that humans are the only animals able to contemplate their own mortality. Planet Scumm #4 features tales of death and the end times, as experienced by the most human among us: lobsters. Also some aliens, robots, and a baby.

The most fascinating tragedies, comedies, crimes, capers, home cooking recipes, and fables live for all eternity in the databanks of Scummy’s interstellar propaganda saucer. Whatever his sinister intentions, you too can now visit the data-vaults of Planet Scumm in a format deemed appropriate for the technology level of your planet (give or take 70 years).

Scummy’s righteous mess of science-fiction goodness can live in your home or on your compute-box…. FOREVER.


“The Rewilder” by Laduke Ely Loomis

“Memorial” by M. Raoulee

“Arno’s Claw” by Klaus Wenzel

“The Foundling” by Christopher Moylan

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